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by Jeannette S. Ferguson

A Step by Step Guide to
Raising Guinea Fowl on a Small Scale


This book is essential for any country gardener who wants to protect his home and family from ticks, weed seeds, insects and intruders by raising Guinea Fowl. Help keep flowerbeds and gardens free from weed seeds and destroy obnoxious bugs without the use of toxic chemicals.

GARDENING WITH GUINEAS: A delightful and informative guide to raising guinea fowl as the gardener's helper on a small homestead or farm. It covers the life of a guinea fowl from egg throughout adult, including incubation, feeding, housing, training, and common problems.

  In Gardening with Guineas you will learn:
  • Reasons for raising guinea fowl
  • What you need to know before you buy
  • Working with newborns and young keets
  • Handling typical problems


Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 99-94530
ISBN: 0739202502
ISBN-13: 9780739202500
Copyright © 1999 Jeannette S. Ferguson   All Rights Reserved.

Paperback, 131pages       First Edition - June 16, 1999

Jeannette Ferguson is a published author and speaker in the art of Gardening With Guineas. She shares the joy of raising guinea fowl with children and adults alike through school programs and published articles. She is an active member of her local garden club and founder of an international club, the Guinea Fowl Breeders Association. She also hosts an interactive message board and website answering many questions about Gardening With Guineas. She lives on a small farm in southwestern Ohio.


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Gardening with Guineas: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Guinea Fowl on a Small Scale

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