A Guin-Hen or Guins
The cross between a guinea fowl and a chicken...
It can happen, but is rare. The prodigy is said to be sterile.

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w w w . g u i n e a f o w l . c o m

The beautifully spotted singing rangers we have come to know and to love are called guinea fowl.  Guineas are not to be confused with "Guins".

"Guins" are the cross between a chicken and guinea fowl. 

A guin is the male offspring from a chicken/guinea cross, and the female is the guin-hen, until we can identify the sex of the offspring, or if we are talking about a number of these birds,  we can simply call them guins.

The CARP Research Center at Tennessee State University has been working to come up with a new meat bird.  They are successfully hatching hundreds of guins by artificially inseminating white leghorn chickens with semen collected from French guinea cocks. When touring the facility I not only held these cute little babes, but actually collected semen and inseminated a hen after being taught the proceedure by our tour guide.  

The guin-hen pictured below is the result of the mating of a guinea hen and a rooster-chicken. The hen is a silver colored guinea, maybe a powder blue or porcelain? The rooster was a mixed breed. At first the owner thought it was of Rhode Island Red blood, but now thinks it might be her yellowish/buff Leghorn.

The nest was in the farm yard, under an old bush-hog. It contained twenty-some eggs and this is the only one that hatched. The incubation period was closer to 28 days, but the exact number in not known.  The other eggs were opened, and only the one seemed to be fertile. 

 by owner of the guin-hen,  Vaughn 
hatched by Barbara B.,  both in Arkansas

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Copyright  1999 Frit's Farm.  All Rights Reserved
Copyright  1999 Frit's Farm.  All Rights Reserved
Copyright  1999 Frit's Farm.  All Rights Reserved


At the GFBA Nashville 2001 meeting we got to see a brooder full of these babes.  The father was a guinea cock, mother was a white leghorn chicken.  We were told that the only way a guinea cock can breed a chicken is through artificial insemination.  Although it is possible for guinea hen to hatch an egg fathered by a chicken rooster, it is VERY infrequent and a rare occurence. (It has never happened with my own flock, and I have always had chickens and guineas housed together.) The offpring are sterile.


w w w . g u i n e a f o w l . c o m