Link to Sound Recordings

The adult guinea male is called a cock. He makes a one-syllable sound when alerted by anything unusual.  He is also recognized (as the adult pictured) by having larger wattles than the female, and a somewhat larger helmet. He makes a ONE-syllable sound only: "CHI-CHi-Chi-chi...". 

The adult female is called the guinea hen.  She makes a two-syllable sound commonly:  "buck-wheat,buck-wheat". She can immitate the sound of the cock. 

As keets, determining the sex is nearly impossible, until they discover their voices at about 8 weeks of age. The size of the wattles on keets will be the nearly the same until they are a few months old when the wattles of the male begin to develop. (Vent sexing keets is difficult.)

Although wattle size and some actions may suggest the sex of a adult guinea fowl, sound is the sure way to determine the sex (as is vent sexing older guineas).

Offspring of the guineas are keets.
This keet was raised indoors like a parrot might be until it outgrew the cage.  Guineas can be tamed.